Just in: “Evaluating indicators of human well-being for ecosystem-based management”

We are excited to announce the fourth paper produced by the SWIMM team, “Evaluating indicators of human well-being for ecosystem-based management,” published today in Ecosystem Health & Sustainability. In this paper we develop a new tool to help decision-makers carefully consider how people are affected by changes in the natural environment and by different management strategies. We introduce a detailed way to think about “human well-being” and a systematic process for measuring human well-being as it relates to the environment. Supplemental information includes a list of 2,000+ existing indicators and our full evaluation results. Read the paper here.

Key social science concepts for sustainability

We are very proud that our first paper as a working group was published in Science this past April. This was our effort to translate and introduce several major social science principles into ongoing conversations about sustainability and environmental science, policy, and management. The paper identifies “seven key social concepts that are largely absent from many efforts to pursue sustainability goals.” These include: human wellbeing, values, agency, inequality, power, culture, and justice.